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The use of green tea in weight loss

When to drink green tea?


If you decide to say goodbye to obesity and overweight by consuming green tea, you must plan to consume it throughout the day and avoid consuming this herbal drink without a plan. The best time to drink green tea for weight loss is 2 hours after meals. In this way, in addition to taking advantage of the therapeutic properties of tea to lose weight, you will not create a problem in the amount of iron absorption; Because green tea, like black tea, reduces the absorption of iron in food.


Green tea alone is not enough


Many people think that just by drinking herbal tea throughout the day, they can achieve a big goal like losing weight. While this view is not correct at all. Drinking herbal tea along with following a diet, physical activities and exercise can speed up the process of losing weight and by improving the body’s metabolism, the amount of weight loss can be significant during the week, so people who think that without observing any of the points mentioned and only By drinking green tea, they can treat their excess weight in a very noticeable way, they are very wrong.


Avoid binge eating


Another property of green tea is its relaxing property, which helps prevent overeating that leads to overweight and eventually obesity. There are many people who start eating as soon as they get nervous pressure, stress or tension from daily work and turn to snacking, which eventually becomes their habit. Green tea can be used to prevent or treat this bad habit. Drinking this tea will help you to use the relaxing properties of this medicinal plant to strengthen your nervous system and thus prevent false appetite caused by everyday stress or tension.


Green tea; Natural fat burning tea


People who are used to drinking green tea help to increase their metabolism with the help of this herbal drink. In fact, due to the presence of a substance called “polyphenol”, green tea can help increase the body’s internal heat and thus increase the amount of energy fuel in fat cells and have a significant effect on people’s obesity. Provided that obese or overweight people reconsider their diet and the amount of daily calories they receive. It’s not like we can add as many calories as we want to the body and expect to lose weight and burn calories by drinking one to two glasses of green tea a day.


Drink a few cups of tea


If you plan to add green tea to your daily routine to increase your metabolism, you should note that drinking 3 to 4 glasses of green tea during the day can help with this issue. The idea that drinking green tea often can increase the amount of calories burned in the body is a wrong idea, because by drinking too much green tea during the day, the body not only faces the problem of nerve endings irritation, but also water excretion disorder. and body electrolytes are encountered. In this way, just as you should observe the necessary precautions in drinking regular tea, it is recommended not to overindulge in drinking green tea.


Prevention of obesity due to aging


People who become overweight and obese as they age can also take help from green tea to prevent this crisis. Provided that they include the daily consumption of green tea in their daily diet from the age of 30. In addition to helping to slow down the aging process of cells in various body organs, green tea helps these people experience minimal weight gain in middle age, because green tea helps them store the least amount of fat and waste materials during their young years.