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Healthy food on a road trip

Healthy food on a road trip – Nutrition on the road


Take some suitable food with you. Try to choose foods that do not require refrigeration. Carry long-lasting nutritious foods, nuts, packaged foods that don’t require cooking, healthy snacks or your favorite protein powders that are healthy, don’t take up much space, and provide the energy you need. Try to package food in such a way that its taste and nutrients are preserved and it remains healthy.


Wherever you go, find local markets and buy and eat fresh, healthy, organic produce. This way, you are sure that you have fresh and high-quality products. Remember the beautiful and attractive markets of northern cities; You must have visited these local markets at least once on your trip and enjoyed buying fresh vegetables, fish and local eggs.


Before you start your trip, ask and know the best and most reliable restaurants along your route and destination. You can search on the internet and know the opinion of those who have tried the food of these restaurants so that you can choose better.


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  1. Healthy food in air travel

Healthy Food on Air Travel – Nutrition on Travel


Fortunately, most airlines allow their passengers to choose or change their meals. Of course, this is not true for all airlines and each has its own rules and conditions. If you are a vegetarian or have special physical conditions, make sure that the food that will be served on the plane is suitable for you.


You can take some snacks or a container of your favorite healthy food with you and don’t touch the food package of the plane. Carry dried fruits, nuts, fresh vegetables and a bottle of water with you. Don’t worry, there is no prohibition to take such food on the plane.


Be aware that if you have an international flight ahead of you and want to take your food with you on the plane, get full information about the rules for taking fresh food on the plane.


If you have a long-haul flight ahead of you, carry enough snacks with you so you don’t have to eat foods you don’t like or go hungry. Be careful and avoid eating garlic, onions and food items whose smell bothers others; It’s a long way and the passenger next to you has not sinned that his ticket seat number happened to be next to you.


  1. Healthy food on long-term trips where you rent a place to stay

One of the ways to maintain a healthy diet, especially during longer trips, is to rent an independent place suitable for the duration of the stay. Usually, when we rent a suite or an apartment while traveling, there are some basic simple tools for travelers to use in the kitchen, if that’s the case, you don’t have a problem, but if nothing is available, get them so that you can easily cook. Well, now imagine that you are in your own home, cook and eat the food you like.


Be careful in choosing the place you want to rent and note that it has a clean and proper kitchen. If you act through the internet, you can usually see all the photos related to the place and then choose.


My dear friends, you must be saying to yourself now that we should also cook while traveling?! I remember once listening to the shared memories of a writer and a theater director who had traveled to France together, and it is interesting to say that one of the entertainments and attractions of these two old men’s trip was shopping at the local market in one of the French cities and preparing local food and Salem was that area. So you can cook, eat healthy food and learn about the food culture of another country. What could be more valuable than an attractive trip?!


Try to know the local vegetable and fruit markets around your place of residence and know how far they are from the place you have rented and is there a store that has organic foods near you? My dear friends, fortunately, by searching on the Internet, you can get useful information about addresses and different centers at any time.


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  1. Healthy food while staying at the hotel

Healthy food while staying in the hotel – nutrition on the trip


Usually, when we want to stay in a hotel, we book the hotel through the internet before traveling. If travel tours also do this, it is possible for the traveler to find out about the conditions of the hotel through the Internet. Usually in the hotel menu, especially international hotels, there is a section where you can state your dietary requirements and they will serve you according to your order. Of course, you can do this when entering the hotel. Usually the breakfast menu of hotels is an open menu and at least you can choose and eat healthy foods at breakfast. Especially in the morning, don’t skip fruits and juices, which are the healthiest breakfast.

There is usually enough water in the refrigerator of the hotel rooms, but since you are not sure about the condition of the tap water in your place of residence and in many countries tap water is not used as drinking water, try to get enough bottled water before arriving at the hotel to avoid dehydration. Prepare your body. It is better to identify the nearest store to the hotel where you are staying to buy water and other essentials on the way to the hotel. Sometimes while you feel hungry, you are not really hungry and your body just needs water. Drinking a glass of water will satisfy your hunger and prevent you from consuming extra calories. So don’t forget the water bottle.


When you check in the room, check the fridge and the food in it and ask the hotel staff to replace the food you want with any food you don’t like or contradict your diet or may tempt you.