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The alkaline diet emphasizes eliminating acidic foods such as meat, eggs, and dairy products and eating alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables. This diet has many benefits for the body, such as weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of heart attack, etc.

What is an alkaline diet?

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What is an alkaline diet?

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There are different types of diet in the world that are commonly used by people. But perhaps there is no better diet than the alkaline diet for longer life and disease prevention. This diet, better known as the alkaline diet, focuses on regulating the body’s pH.


Research has shown that achieving pH balance can help reduce morbidity and mortality from many diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, vitamin D deficiency, and bone loss. Therefore, adopting a diet that can regulate PH has a positive effect on your health.


Alkaline diet also helps prevent plaque formation in blood vessels, prevent calcium accumulation in urine, prevent kidney stones, build stronger bones, reduce muscle wasting or spasms, and more.


If you are interested in learning about the alkaline diet, stay with us in the following article to check all aspects of this diet. You can also consult a nutritionist at your doctor to make sure this diet is suitable for you.



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What is an alkaline diet?

The alkaline diet is based on the theory that the foods you eat change your pH level to either acidic or alkaline. Eating large amounts of acidic foods is believed to harm your body, while eating alkaline or neutral foods can improve your health.


This diet focuses on eating fresh fruits and vegetables (which are considered alkaline) to keep your body at an optimal pH level. A measure of acids and alkalinity throughout the body, pH is categorized on a specific scale from 0 to 14. Acidic substances are in the range of 0 to 7. Alkaline foods range from 7 to 14, and 7 is considered neutral.


Acidic foods can be harmful to your health by changing the acidity of your body. Alkaline diet excludes acidic foods and includes most plant-based foods with alkaline properties in the diet.


The effect of acidity and alkalinity of foods on health

The concept of acidity and alkalinity of foods began centuries ago, in the mid-1800s with the “Dietary Ash Hypothesis”. The theory that as soon as food is metabolized in the body, it leaves acidic or alkaline ash particles. Since then, the alkaline diet, which is one of the most famous diets in the world, has been discussed. Over the years, this diet has been given different names such as alkaline ash diet, alkaline acid diet, acid ash diet, pH diet, and Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet.


Alkaline diet among the best diets

According to the 2022 US News and World Best Diets report, the alkaline diet is ranked among the top 30 diets in the world and has an overall score of 2.4/5. Its ranking is based on the lack of quality research to support the diet, the many rules that make it difficult to follow, and its ineffectiveness for weight loss. Alkaline diet has the worst performance among other diets in rapid weight loss, overall weight loss, diabetes and ease of compliance. However, its health benefits are so great that it can replace all diets.