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How the alkaline diet works for weight loss

The alkaline diet classifies foods based on the amount of acid they produce when digested. This amount is not necessarily the same as the acidity level of foods in their raw state. Research has shown that acidic foods produce a pH of less than 7, while alkaline foods result in pH levels greater than 7. Any food around 7 is considered neutral. With this in mind, the alkaline diet recommends the following:


Avoiding acid-forming foods such as meat, dairy, fish, eggs, grains and alcohol

High consumption of alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes

Limit neutral foods such as starches, sugars and natural fats

Not to mention, there’s no research showing that food pH affects overall health, while there’s plenty of evidence that changing the body’s pH through diet simply isn’t possible. However, many believe that an alkaline diet can regulate the body’s pH in a favorable way.


How does the alkaline diet work?

In this diet, it is recommended to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts that become alkaline after digestion.

Health benefits of alkaline diet

In the previous section, we said that foods cannot simply change the body’s pH, so why is an alkaline diet good for your health? Alkaline foods provide important nutrients that help stop the signs of accelerated aging and the gradual loss of organ and cellular functions.


In the following, we will explain how the alkaline diet slows down the degeneration of tissues and bone mass by preventing excessive acidity of minerals.


  1. Reduce pain and chronic inflammation

Researchers have found links between an alkaline diet and reduced levels of chronic pain. Chronic acidosis contributes to chronic back pain, headaches, muscle spasms, menstrual symptoms, inflammation and joint pain.


A study conducted by the Society for Minerals and Trace Elements in Germany found that when patients with chronic back pain were given an alkaline supplement for four weeks, their pain was significantly reduced.


An alkaline diet has benefits such as reducing body inflammation and chronic pain, maintaining a healthy body, strengthening the immune system, and reducing the risk of heart attack.


  1. Maintaining a healthy weight with an alkaline diet

This diet is not focused solely on fat loss and cannot be considered a fast weight loss diet, but following its alkaline program can certainly keep your weight in balance.


Limiting acid-forming foods and eating more alkalizing foods may make weight loss easier due to the diet’s ability to reduce leptin levels and inflammation. This affects both your hunger and your fat burning abilities.


Since alkalizing foods are anti-inflammatory foods, eating an alkaline diet gives your body a chance to reach normal leptin levels and feel satisfied eating the amount of calories you actually need.


If weight loss is one of your main goals in choosing this diet, one of the best methods is the “alkaline keto diet” which is low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats.


Lose weight with alkaline diet

One of the benefits of the alkain diet is that you can maintain a healthy weight.