Discover Why Alkaline Ph Meals Is Suggested

October 24, 2022 , Date Fruits, healthy food

The main food on the road (healthy nutrition on the trip)

If you don’t have pre-prepared food with you, it’s important to note the expiration date on the packaged foods you buy.


Care should be taken that the plates, forks and spoons used in restaurants are clean. Of course, it is better to wash them yourself before using them.


During the trip, you should not eat in places where you are not sure about their hygiene. It is also better to prefer well-cooked vegetarian dishes instead of meat dishes.


General cooking course 1

General cooking course 1

Of course, if you don’t eat in a safe place, you should also avoid eating raw vegetables, fruits and salads. This is one of the main points of healthy eating while traveling.


Some important points about healthy eating while traveling

Here we have put the most important tips for you in the discussion of healthy eating while traveling. Following these tips, healthy eating will be easy and healthy for you during your trip.


Instead of a sandwich, use whole grain pita bread.

Olives and cheese are a good alternative that will keep you full for a long time. You can also add some ham to your food.


Use vegetables instead of ground meat.

You can make your own healthy, low-calorie meals using spinach, carrots, courgettes and lentils and some cheese (instead of ground meat), as there may be a risk of spoilage along the way due to the heat. . Although you can use small freezers to preserve your food, it is still recommended to eat vegetables, because the food prepared with meat may be heavy and you need to sleep after eating.


Instead of chocolate cake, use fat-free fruit cake.

It is possible to prepare fat-free cake with fresh or dried fruits. Don’t worry about their taste, because they are very tasty. There are about 150 calories in one piece of these cakes.


Drink water instead of carbonated drinks.

Adequate fluid intake is very important in the summer months, and during trips, adequate water intake should be considered as a replacement for lost fluids.


Instant fruit juices are not suitable options due to their high sugar content, so it is better to prepare your drinks the day before in individual bottles. You can also prepare herbal teas at home and take them with you.