3 Sensible Food Diet Tips That May Have You Getting In Shape

November 11, 2022 , Date Fruits, healthy food

Fresh or dry dates?


Most fruits have a large percentage of water, but dates contain 70% of water

Sugar is formed. Different types of dates are available in the market, but the question is which

The question is, are fresh or dry dates healthier?


Dry dates have less moisture and thus stay fresh longer

remains, while the shelf life of fresh dates is less than 8 to 10 months.

Dry dates can last up to 5 years if stored in the refrigerator. So

Dry dates have a longer shelf life than fresh dates.


Each 100 grams of dry dates contains 280 calories, while each 100 grams

Fresh dates contain 145 calories. So you can use dates to lose weight

Consume fresh and you can add calories if you are trying to gain weight

Get it from dry dates. So, the type of date consumption depends on the individual’s needs.


Both types of dates have almost the same nutrients. Contains dates

iron, vitamin A (good for eye health), potassium (good for the heart) and magnesium

It fights diabetes, blood pressure and depression. Dates are rich in fructose

is that its large amount is harmful to the body. As said, there is a big difference between

There is no nutritional value of fresh and dry dates.


Dates are rich in carbohydrates, including sucrose, fructose and

It is glucose. Athletes consume dates to get energy before every competition

they do. Dry and fresh dates are full of energy.


Dates are rich in fiber and prevent constipation. The amount of fiber in dried dates is higher.


Drink tea with dates


Unfortunately, many of us Iranians have our taste for sugar consumption

We are used to sugar with all kinds of tea, and since our people like it a lot

They have to drink tea during the day, excessive consumption of sugar can

Increase calorie intake and lead to obesity and overweight.

Consuming 10 sugar cubes during the day can increase about 10 kg of weight

to be throughout the year Weight gain is also a serious complication of heart disease

to diabetes. To increase the nutritional value of a serving of tea

The daily you are going to drink, it with a balanced volume of sweet foods and

Of course, bring something more nutritious such as dates, honey, raisins, berries or figs. Of course

You should not overdo the consumption of these nutritious foods because all nutritious foods and

Non-nutritive, they contain calories, and excessive consumption of them can cause illness to obesity and its complications. Regular sugar and sugar only have energy and nothing

They do not provide specific micronutrients to the body, but sweet foods such as dates

They are considered fruits and there is nothing wrong with their daily consumption along with tea. Almost every 3

A date is equal to one fruit unit. Dates contain vitamins, minerals and

Some salts are needed by the body. This tropical fruit contains pigments

as anti-cancer substances and preventive of cardiovascular diseases

They act in the body. So get used to drinking tea with dates or raisins on the side

A warm and pleasant drink provides many micronutrients to our body.