How Retain A High Fiber Diet

October 16, 2022 , Date Fruits, healthy food

We all know that the key to losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. But how many of us do them to prevent obesity and even prevent overweight? It seems that following these two points is enough to lose weight, but sometimes it happens that we cannot avoid eating certain things or going to exercise. Now, how can we lose weight successfully?




To find the answer to this question, pay attention to these recommendations:


Drink water:


Try to drink plenty of water or drinks that are low in calories every day. You can stop eating high-calorie foods by drinking a glass of cool water or a cool low-calorie drink. That is, when you see that you are eating too much, take a glass of water and don’t eat after that. If you don’t like to drink plain water after eating, you can add a little citrus juice like lemon or a few drops of other fruit juice like mango or peach juice which has less calories, so that only the taste changes.




Eat 5 to 9 servings of fruit:


Think about what low-calorie foods you can add to your diet rather than what you can eliminate from your diet. Start with fruits and vegetables. Try to use 5 to 9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. This may seem like a lot, but this volume of fruits and vegetables is very valuable because your body receives a lot of fiber and you feel more satisfied when you eat. By eating fruits and vegetables, you will eat less and these substances will replace fats that may reach you from other foods. This is not the only advantage of fruits and vegetables. More than 200 studies show that fruits and vegetables have disease prevention properties because they are rich in beneficial chemicals. Nutrition experts suggest to have vegetables on the table and try to eat fruits and vegetables of the same season in each season. Eat fruits and vegetables fresh and avoid boiling and frying them too much.




When you are hungry, eat:


It is very important to know when you are hungry. See when you are really hungry? Eat something whenever you feel hungry, not whenever and whatever food is near you or offered to you. Look for signs of hunger. Ask yourself, am I really hungry? Hunger means your body needs fuel. So eating when you don’t feel hungry is not pleasant at all. You feel better when you eat this way. Everyone’s stomach is definitely a little bigger than his fist, so eat as much as you can so you won’t be too hungry and you won’t eat so much that you feel full and bloated.




Fruit after dinner:


If you have a habit of eating something at night after dinner, choose low-calorie food. Sometimes it happens that people eat snacks after dinner without thinking and as a habit. It is better to get used to eating fruits. Eating chips and puffs and all kinds of snacks after dinner when everyone is sitting around watching TV is very effective in making people fat.

Eat what you like: Enjoy eating your favorite foods. Of course, from the amount to its size, because consuming more of these foods causes more weight gain. Instead of eliminating your favorite foods from your diet, eat less of them.




Eating less outside:


Enjoy the food outside the house. When you feel like eating out, plan an ice cream or small takeaway with the family. By doing this, you may be less tempted to eat at home.




Divide your food:


Eat several small meals throughout the day. If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. Studies show that those who eat four to five meals a day are better able to control their appetite and weight, so it is better to divide the total calories that you should get during the day into several small portions and eat them throughout the day. Enjoy yourself. With this planning, dinner should be the last meal you eat.

Eat spices:


Use spices. Try adding some spices to change the taste of the food. For example, add spices to all kinds of food made with fresh vegetables, but do not use too many spices and flavorings. Because it makes food tastier and increases appetite. Try to use spices only for healthy foods that you probably don’t like.




Eat small meals:


Fill the kitchen with a variety of healthy foods. Having foods that are quick to prepare and can be eaten with one hand like a small sandwich is very effective for weight loss. You will order less pizza if you have foods like a small sandwich at home that can be prepared within 5 or 10 minutes. So try to always have these ingredients in the kitchen. You can prepare corn puffs or corn with a fat percentage of 20 to 25 calories per cup in two minutes or less. Frozen vegetables, beans, tomatoes, canned beans, small pieces of chicken that are quickly cooked or grilled are also suitable.




Eat baby food:


Order baby food for children in restaurants. When you eat out with your family, order mini sandwiches and mini pizzas for the kids, it’s even better to order this size of food for yourself. By doing this, you have prevented the intake of food with high calories and, subsequently, excess weight. If you order food that includes rice and stew, try to order food on the children’s plate. This will help you to be both psychologically satisfied and make the food seem more palatable.




Eat seasonal food:


In each season, eat according to that season. If you don’t like fruits and vegetables, maybe it’s because you don’t eat them in their specific season. When you eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, they are fresher and tastier, and the best types of these ingredients exist.




Don’t eat with stress:


Do not eat to relieve stress. It’s true that most of us start eating when we’re stressed or in stressful situations, but instead of turning to food to escape from stress, try reading a chapter of a novel. Read, listen to music, write something, take a deep breath or look at an album that reminds you of good memories.