Stay Raw After Raw Food To Slim Down – Part 2

November 10, 2022 , Date Fruits, healthy food

Studies have shown that consuming 3 to 4 glasses of green tea per day can reduce fatigue. Despite all the benefits mentioned for green tea, caffeine is a natural stimulant and each 240 ml glass of tea contains about 30 mg of caffeine. The effects of caffeine take 20 minutes to start and reach their peak an hour after consumption. Therefore, drinking green tea before going to sleep disturbs people’s ability to sleep.

How much green tea should we drink for weight loss:

The results of studies published so far on the effects of green tea on obesity have been very contradictory. Some studies have shown the effect of green tea on weight loss, and many others have shown that drinking this tea has no effect on weight loss. These contradictions are probably due to the complexity of the relationship between diet and a number of lifestyle factors.


The help of green tea to treat Alzheimer’s:

Scientists have found two compounds in green tea, ferulic acid and epigallocatechin gallate, that could help develop Alzheimer’s treatments, better protect teeth, cancer-fighting drugs, and even prevent heart attacks.


Prevent tooth decay with green tea

Green tea leaf extract has antimicrobial properties and prevents plaque and tooth decay.


Reducing body sweating by consuming green tea:

By preventing body sweating, green tea is useful for people who sweat excessively.