Junk Food – 5 Healthy And Delicious Substitutes

October 23, 2022 , Date Fruits, healthy food

1- Plan for healthy food during the trip



The best thing to do is to plan to have healthy food on your trip. The day before departure, prepare one or two types of food that do not need to be heated. In such cases, foods such as hard-boiled eggs, cutlets, and cocoa, which can be eaten cold, are very suitable options as travel food. You can warm up this type of food a few minutes before you leave. Some boiled eggs, cutlets or coco, some clean and washed vegetables, some cucumbers and tomatoes, and some pickled cucumbers are among many delicious, healthy and exciting travel foods.




2- Bring healthy snacks


Among the most important travel items are some nuts, fresh fruit, healthy, low-sugar and low-gluten biscuits, various dried fruits, some dates, some oat toast, some peanut butter, and some small snack sandwiches. For example, a bread and cheese sandwich or a peanut butter and honey sandwich are among the healthy foods on the trip and will make you stop craving food at roadside restaurants.




3- Take healthy and cool drinking water with you



Drinking cool drinking water during the trip prevents problems such as headache and constipation and keeps you fresh. On the other hand, traveling especially in summer increases the possibility of heat stroke. Don’t forget a few bottles of water in your travel gear. By drinking cool water, you will be safe from the risk of heat stroke during summer trips.

4- Eat protein and fiber foods



Among the healthy foods on the trip are protein and fiber foods. These foods keep you full for long hours and provide the energy your body needs. Eating lean protein foods and high-fiber foods provide the energy needed for long walks, long drives, and swimming and beach walks. Prepare a cooler box before the trip and store some protein and fiber food such as turkey meat, eggs, chicken, vegetables and fruits and snacks such as hummus, Greek yogurt and other dairy products in it for when you need to go to the store and You don’t have access to authentic caves. You can cook with healthy food while traveling.



5- Choose healthy and low-fat restaurant food



One of the exciting entertainments of traveling is eating in a restaurant. Well, of course, going to a restaurant is inevitable, especially when you travel with children. It is better to choose the best and healthiest food on the menu when you go to a restaurant. To eat healthy while traveling, eliminate fast food as much as possible. Replace white sauce and mayonnaise with healthier sauces such as mustard sauce. If you have to eat a sandwich, choose healthy sandwiches with a lot of vegetables and with the least amount of sauce or no sauce. Try to choose restaurants that have seafood and vegetarian food on the menu. In order to eat less, order soup and salad for appetizers. If you are in the habit of pouring the sauce on the salad, instead of pouring the sauce on the salad, just apply a little sauce on the side dishes of the salad. If you plan to eat grilled food, make sure of the health of the meat and the high standard of the restaurant.


6- Do not starve yourself too much


Take snacks seriously while traveling. Snacks such as hummus, dried fruit, nuts and dates or Greek yogurt and fruit are among the best suggestions for healthy food on the trip that will prevent you from overeating. Most people think that because they are traveling and on vacation, they can overeat and compensate for this overeating with strict diets after the trip. The best way to avoid the temptation to overeat on vacation is to not starve yourself. During the trip, like other times, eat more meals and reduce the amount of food.